PLT Tools is available via download from this website. The unregistered version provides nearly all features (see Licensing for details). Licensing unlocks the remaining features.

Licensed Version: Full phone or e-mail support is provided during normal business hours (weekdays, 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time, except for holiday periods) by email or phone. Email is the preferred means of communication.

Unlicensed Version: Limited support is provided for installation and setup. If additional support is needed, it can be purchased via a service contract or a service visit (contact us for fees). If the user identifies a bug in the software, full support will be provided to resolve that issue.

Manuals: All manuals for PLT Tools can be downloaded. Manuals are also bundled with each installation (see download).

INSTALLATION - procedure and guidelines
REQUESTING SUPPORT - guidelines for describing and submitting a problem
SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENTS - submit your suggestions